"Sheep Thrills Fiber Farm"
244 Lower TwolickDr.
Indiana, PA 15701

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Sheep Thrills is a family owned and operated business.
Sheep Thrills manufactures and sells sheepskin, leather, fur items, "Ewenique" craft items and new & used tack

Kathy Isenberg has been making Teddy Bears from sheepskin and old fur coats for over 20 years. Kathy will turn your old fur coat into a family heirloom Teddy Bear that can be treasured for generations.

Kathy and her sister, Jan Smith, have been traveling with their hand made fur Teddy Bears to various craft shows in Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio.

In October 1994, the sisters and their mother, Joan Smith, opened a craft shop in downtown Indiana, PA. The business moved in January 1997, to a farmhouse along Route 422 west of Indiana, PA

In August 2001, Sheep Thrills moved it retail shop to the Isenberg family farm. The work room and office is located in the old wash house at the farm, located on Twolick Drive, just a few miles south of Indiana. We raise Angora goats, Pygmy goats, Pygora goats and Jersey Wooly, Lion Head Rabbits, Fuzzy Lops & French Angora Rabbits. We have baby pygmy & pygora goats for sale. Future plans include expanding our shop and the addition of Llamas, donkeys and miniature horses.

"No family business can succeed without the support
& understanding of the other family members"

as quoted by Joan Smith.
Email us! sheepthrillsfiberfarm@yahoo.com
The rest of the flock:
Kathy's husband, Rodger
Debbie Brosch & Family (husband Eric, Victoria and Kassidy, and Alex Layne), Kelly Hoover, David Shuman, Zachary Isenberg, Ethan Isenberg, Melanie Corle & Family (husband Roger, Danielle, Chad & Haley Corle), Raymond Smith & Family (wife Cindy & Chelsea), Betty Isenberg
"Buddy" and "Sugar" our Great Pyreness Mountain Dogs, "Sarah", "Princess" & "Toby" our Border Collies are the shop's mascots.
Our family would like to thank all our friends and customers for their thoughts and prayers for the loss of our mother and friend Joan Smith on June5, 2005. She was a kind, gentle lady and we miss her beyond words.

Email Us sheepthrillsfiberfarm@yahoo.com

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